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Rating Wines

Reviewing wine and giving it a rating is a very common industry practices as it helps customer know what wine to buy. These scores are normally based on the wine's complexity, clarity, colour, smell, taste etc.

Wine Buzz know that these scores are important to people, so we have often included the reviews of James Halliday, to help you judge wines, as well as some of our own reviews of the wine. For more information on this, please see more details below.

James Halliday

Australia’s guru of wine tasting is James Halliday. He has published the definitive guide to Australia wine with ratings and reviews of many top wines, called the Australian Wine Companion.  As one of the most respected wine critics and tasters in Australia, we will be providing his widely published and accepted ratings of wine on all our wine reviews.

94-100:  Outstanding. A wine of the highest degree, usually with distinguished pedigree.
90-93:    Highly Recommended: Wines of great quality, style and character.
87-89:    Recommended: Wines of above average quality and are fault-free.


Wine Buzz Ratings Scale


Wine Buzz tasters, although not in the league of James Halliday, enjoy tasting wine and want to provide an accurate score, that we believe is relevant to you. Therefore, please find our rating scale below.

10: This is an amazing wine you would sell your mother for (if you like her that is)
9: You won’t get this good often. Share with a good friends and wine lovers only.
8: Generally priced at over $20. A wine you will be proud to share.
7: Great for drinking and sharing any time.
6: OK for everyday or taking to an event where all wine is put out to share.
5: Still OK for a glass with a meal, but the price should be right.
4: Did you win this in a raffle prize?
3: Who don’t you like?
2: You must be desperate now.
1: Don’t even bother with this one.