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A Little Music With Your Wine?

Posted on March 31, 2012 by Wine Buzz Team There have been 0 comments

There is lots of talk all the time about different foods and which wines go best with what? Char grilled steak and the bitey flavours of a grippy Cabernet Sauvignon, succulent duck and the juicy berry flavors and subtle acid of a young Grenache. Sound familiar?
Sitting one night on the back deck listening to some old school Led Zeppelin I started to feel parched...hmmm what wine do I feel like? As I went though my little cellar I was finding it hard to pick a wine. I was not in the mood for anything in particular but found myself conflicted with choice. My wife, waiting eagerly for a glass of wine to be poured asked me "What's taking so long just decide already" without thinking I replied I have to find a wine to go with "Zeppelin".
Think about it. Music takes us to different places. It can put our minds into different worlds, evoke emotions not to mention just be a bit of fun at a party. To some of us wine can do the same. Have you ever had a wine just makes you feel warm and comfy, happy because its exactly what hit the spot, sad because it reminds past times or again just plain fun. All this aside I think it is important not to collide these 2 powerful vehicles of emotion but to match them equally, creating a perfect harmony of music and vino, maybe thats just the musician in me.
So after pondering for far too long with a bottle of McLaren Vale Primitivo (My Wine Match to some of Led Zeppelin's songs) I set out to think of wine and food matches for other genres. Obviously these are going to be different for everyone and so they should be. Over the next few blogs I'll share some of my wine and vino matches with you for different genres.
What are your thoughts? Have you every matched music to wine?

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