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What is Wine Buzz About? 

Wine!!  Well, apart from wine obviously..

Is any of this you?

  • Do you find yourself lost in the bottleshop or always buy the same wine?
  • Are you trying to buy wine for an occassion and not sure what to pick?
  • Do you love wine and want to know more about it?
  • Are you interested in sharing your love of good food and wine with others?
  • Do you want a chance to experience great wine at great prices?

If you answered "Yes!" to any or all of the above the Wine Buzz is for you.

Wine Buzz started s a fun and social blog site that give lots of information on wine, some serious, some some fun, for people out there who wish they knew more about wine, but don’t know who or what to ask. It has then grown to now include online wine sales so people can now buy the wines they watch or read about.

How is Wine Buzz different from other wine sites out there?

Firstly, we are not just about selling wine, we are about the whole experience, the story behind the wine you drink, helping you get to know what you like or to get out of you wine rut. We want you to take you on a journey through our wine blog, wine tv episodes and wine reviews as we explore all the areas of wine. Who needs all the confusing wine jargon, although sometimes we may mention it. What we have found most people want to know is for example, “Is the wine good?”, “Is the wine sweet?” ” Can I drink it with steak?” We are here to help you out, including with the following:

Who:     Who are the Winemakers? Who would like this wine?
What:    What type of wine? What does it taste like? What occasion is it good for?
When:   When should I drink it by?
Where:  Where can I buy it? Where is it grown?
Why:     Why does this one taste different to another one? Why should I try something new?

We are also about promoting value wine and boutique wineries

This means we are promoting good wine, that is a great price, and good value for money. Note, this doesn't mean we are selling you cheap wine that is leftovers and bad runs, it is good quality wine that is well priced, often because it isn't a huge brand name that has spend huge amounts on marketing.

So please write in, send us an email or post a comment on our blogs to give us suggestions of topics or particular wines you would like us to profile or bring online to our site
We hope to 1. Make you laugh 2. Give you a little information and encourage you to get buzzing about wine!
The Wine Buzz Team